Kite Spots

Hoxbox Q.Roo México

HOLBOX / Characteristics

There is no current and there are no big waves so this spot is the ideal beginners spot with flat and shallow waters.

Sandy bottom.

Nice white sandy beaches with some very nice shells, there are no hidden rocks under water and there is plenty of space to land or launch your kite safely.
The kitezone is on the mainbeach (1,5 km long!).

Isla Blanca Q.Roo México

ISLA BLANCA / Characteristics

The Good news is that IKARUS has just broken ground on our new school/kite camp location 20 minutes north of Cancun on a HUGE flatwater shallow saltwater lagoon where we can kite ANY direction of wind safely and on smooooooth water.


Cancun Q.Roo México

CANCUN / Characteristics

However in part of Cancun kiters can take advantage of North winds the problem is that the famed "hotel zone" of Cancun offers small, relatively crowded /dangerous launches for kitesurfers ....bad news for beginners and intermediates.

One option for the experienced kiter is the "School of Tabla Vela" (windsurf) in kilometer 4 of the hotel zone.

Puerto Morelos Q.Roo México

PUERTO MORELOS / Characteristics

In Puerto Morelos (30 minutes drive south of Cancun), where the IKARUS founders live, we have a natural marine park sheltered by the reef 1.5 kilometers from the beach which gives us very nice, small chop conditions in a relatively safe, sheltered "bay".

Puerto Morelos is best with NE, E, and SE winds. PLEASE consult local kiters or Marine Park officials for rules as there are specific areas where kiting is permitted and we wish to PROTECT those areas.

Playa del Carmen Q.Roo México

PLAYA DEL CARMEN / Characteristics

Playa del Carmen (1 hour south of cancun) is a very popular party town for European tourists and has gorgeous water but VERY limited access for launching kites.
Lots of traffic of beachgoers, jetskies, and parasailing boats makes this city good for advanced kiters only.

When the swell is big there are large waves and shorebreak chop which makes beginners and intermediate kiting difficult and dangerous. Most tourists can set up and launch in the northern beaches of Playa del Carmen known as "Punta Esmeralda" beach.

On lightwind days one can often find stronger gusts far out in the deep water between the island of Cozumel and Playa but beware of huge swell and risk of equipment failure so far from shore! Playa is best with ENE, East, and SE winds.

Xpu-Ha Q.Roo México

XPU-HA / Characteristics

One of the most beautiful beaches in the riviera maya.

It offers places to safely launch and land the kite but there's coral banches that you need to locate before you get in the water.

Tulum Q.Roo México

TULUM / Characteristics

Much farther to the south we have the mayan ruins of Tulum (about 2 hours south of cancun) where all skill levels can launch and ride.

If beginners feel too crowded on the beaches of Tulum they can go 15 minutes more to the south into the BioReserve of Sian Kian where they will find miles and miles of empty beaches...once again, best with ENE to SE winds.

Cozumel Q.Roo México

Marina Club - COZUMEL / Characteristics

Marina Club - COZUMEL / Characteristics
The west part of the island is good with N-NE wind.

Mezcalitos - COZUMEL / Characteristics

The east side is all big waves; there is a bit of an undertoe but you are not spending the whole time swimming the wind direction from the East is straight onshore but the waves are worth it.