9 MT DUOTONE DICE 2019 kite only

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What Duotone has to say about the 2019 Dice

Equally at home busting out freestyle moves like Reno Romeu and surfing waves like the World Champion Matchu Lopes, the Dice is a versatile kite that is perfect for the riders who like to mix their disciplines.

The DICE is a versatile kite for riders who love to throw down freestyle tricks but also like to party in the waves. With an increased radius profile, a slight delta shape and a redesigned, slightly thicker leading edge, the DICE is a progressive freestyle kite capable of incredible pop and great slack for performing tricks. The smaller sizes below 10 m increased the structural stiffness, avoiding any twisting and can handle any wind speeds – perfect for breaking height records and extreme loops. The wingtip area was updated last year to allow for a more dynamic turn and improved handling. This will enable you to achieve bigger jumps and gain more control during loops; it also makes the DICE very effective in the waves. With highly responsive steering the kite feels right at home in cross-onshore conditions where you need to follow the kite down the line. Excellent drifting capabilities mean it is also at home in cross-offshore conditions too. It can be flown as a 4-line or 5-line set up depending on your style or preference, and there are tuning options to tweak the handling too. The hard setting now has a 20 mm longer pigtail, making it the perfect set up for Freestyle/Wakestyle moves, offering massive slack. Delivering outstanding pop and release for incredible freestyle performance and dynamic handling for wave riding prowess, roll the DICE and you’ll get a winning combination.

Features and Benefits

  • Powerful Lift and Huge Jumping Abilities – Most important for freestyle maneuvers, boosting, old-school-style and overall performance.
  • Precise Steering – Crucial for exact maneuvers and total control at any time.
  • Smooth Kiteloops and Excellent Unhooked Pop – Due to the 3 different pigtail positions, the kite is perfect for both big airs, looping and unhooked performance.
  • 4-Line Bridled 3 Strut Design – The secret for progressive freestyle kites, capable of incredible pop and great slack for performing tricks.
  • Solid Frame Design for Ideal Handling – Ideal handling and responsive steering is achieved due to the solid LE frame design. It allows to boost bigger jumps and control loops with ease.
  • 4 or 5-Line Setup – You can choose the best setup, depending on your preference and riding style. The 5th line makes it easier to relaunch.


Heavy Duty Leading Edge Closing System

The leading edges of all kites are extremely durable due to a special heavy-duty closing seam. The Dacron material at the leading edge is reinforced with a self sticky Insignia Tape and double stitched additionally. The Heavy Duty Leading Edge Closing Seam is resistant to very high tensions and diagonal forces.

Fusion Strut

This construction allows for a controlled distribution of forces between strut and leading edge. Struts are 100% connected to the leading edge with a flexible Dyneema line, which promotes higher canopy tension and a clean profile.

Self Rescue Handles

The self-rescue handles on the inside of the wingtips can be easily found in case of an offshore breakdown. They provide a good, comfortable grip while sailing back to the shore during a self-rescue maneuver.

Anti Snag

The Anti Snag webbing is preventing the lines from tangling around the tip of the kite. Waterstarts are made easier and safety is increased.

Kook Proof Connectors

The kook proof line connection points prevent accidents by guaranteeing that you cannot accidentally connect your lines incorrectly when rigging your kite.

Double-V Pigtails

These pigtails distribute the load of the line connections to the kite, minimizing the risk of fatigue, making the kite less prone to distortion and help it to steer more smoothly.

Trailing-Edge Force Control

The Trailing Edge Force Control is responsible for the smooth power distribution between the different materials of the kite, forcing the tensions in the right directions. Since 2013 the waves are higher and wider to eliminate stress points between the Dacron Trailing Edge and the Trinity TX Canopy material. This change in construction reduces fluttering marks and ensures that the material is not wearing out.

Load Distribution Panels

As kite geometry improves, the canopy must continue to resist increasing forces. To spread these forces, Load-Distribution-Panels are used, holding the kite’s shape even under the most extreme loads. In practice, this gives a smoother and more consistent performance from the kite in any riding situation.

Trinity TX

Teijin is the world’s leading supplier of polyester fabrics and sail materials to marine sports. The combined creative power of Duotone saw the formulation of TRINITY TX. Exclusive to Duotone, TRINITY TX is a 3×2 canopy material, which has proven to be far superior to other canopy materials in terms of durability and dynamic performance.

The 3×2 yarn combination has proven to be the best solution in performance as well as durability, overall superior to any 2×2 or 4×4 yarn solutions. TRINITY TX. Made to stand the test of time.

Wind Range*

Size MPH Recommended Line Length
5 M 24 – 39 22 (24)
6 M 21 – 38 22 (24)
7 M 20 – 36 22 (24)
8 M 18 – 34 22 (24)
9 M 16 – 32 22 (24)
10 M 14 – 30 22 – 24
11 M 13 – 27 22 – 24
12 M 12 – 24 24
13 M 11 – 21 24

*For riders around 175 lbs (79 kg). These are guidelines only. Please consult us via Live Chat or over the phone at 800-622-4655 for sizing questions.