2018 AIRUSH APEX Acid 138cm (with straps and pads)

$899.00 $699.00



Airush Apex 2018 Kiteboard: Intermediate to advanced freeride/freestylecrossover board. The Apex Team brings the smooth elements of a freeride board together with the more aggressive elements of a freestyle board allowing riders to push their limits and improve their techniques.

Staying true to its’ roots, the Apex has been designed as your all-round intermediate to advanced freeride/freestyle board, to be ridden with footstraps or boots.

Featuring a higher rocker and stiffer more continuous flex pattern than the Switch while having the deep Venturi concaved bottom shape causing the flow of water to be forced away from the fins.

These features combined give the Apex amazing pop and impact resistance on hard landings for those throwing down freestyle tricks, freeriding or trying to beat their big air scores.

Featuring the Multi-zone biotech core combined with carbon torsional control carbon fiber tape this board is perfect for the rider pushing their limits with hooked and unhooked powered tricks.

New For 2018
* 2.0 ABS Reinforced inserts
* Nylon Scratch Resistant Base
* Updated Fiberfil Fins for 60% Increase in strength


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